Who we are

Eltrix is a company which provides efficient solutions to its clients’ simple or complex signage needs from designing idea to its implementation.


We deliver solutions in keeping with our clients’ performance, time and value for money requirements, which ensure a profit that allows us to have operational continuity and the investment we need in order to be competitive.
The mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients and suppliers, the innovation and constant improvement of our team help us reach our targets.

Guiding principles

  • We focus on satisfying our clients’ needs.
  • We find effective solutions. We think before we act.
  • We solve problems easily and directly.
  • We are a team – we communicate in order to be successful.
  • We are a team made of PEOPLE, not of human resources.
  • We learn from the lessons of the past.
  • We are concerned with innovation and personal development.
  • We appreciate initiative, dedication and seriousness.